Anonymous asked:

Submission: My name is Katy and I am 13 years old, but I'll be 14 in January 2015. I love reading, watching YouTube, scrolling through tumblr, and playing with my dog. I play violin and I'm obsessed with Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix, A Day To Remember, and many other bands. I'm interested in a girlfriend. I'm from Wisconsin, so if you're close by (like in Minnesota, Illinois, or even Wisconsin) it'll work! But, long distance will work too. My kik is katyviolin, so if you're interested, kik me!

Oh umm I’m Kate (I’ll tell you real my name if I get to know you sorry I’m just like that) a 14 year old lesbain (duh!) but there are no gay girls in my area (that I know of) and I kinda want some one to treat like the only one and cuddle and kiss and cute shit like that with. I like reading writing and making videos (movies/music/random) I also like creepypasta, dr who, comic books, batman, and just stuff like that! Yaaaaa anyways I dont know what else to say messgae me if you are lookinng for a gf and you’re in the Canada, Ontaro, Burlington area and ya so thanks talk soon maybe bye!!

And to contact me you can email me at (not my real email it’s my friends but she said I could use it and if I like you I’ll give you mine and my face book and stuff so ya!)